Abu-Bakr Al-Sidiqque Isalmic Center (Detroit, Michigan) – Fundraising Iftar

Assalam alikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh,

You are all invited for a fundraising iftar to raise money to purchase the building for Masjid Abu-Bakr Al-Siddique Islamic Center in Detroit, Michigan.
Please see the flyer below for details.
You can also donate online and learn more about the project by visiting www.al-siddique.org.
Masjid Abu-Bakr Al-Siddique Islamic Center is supervised by Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Muhammad Al-Omaisdan.
Brief Bio:
Shiekh Abdul-Rahman Al-Omaisan is a professor at the Islamic University in Medina, where he is also finishing his PhD. He has studied for more than 15 years under the Noble Scholars of Medina. Shiekh Al-Omaisan has been recognized by and given letters of recommendations (tazkiyah) from the likes of the honorable Shiekh Salih Al-Fawzan, the honorable Shiekh Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbad, and the honorable Sheikh Abdullah Al-Aqil.
Fundraising Iftar Flyer
Abu-Bakr Al-Siddique Fundraising Iftar

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