Shaikh Wasiyullah’s Speech concerning Shaikh Rabee al Madkhalee

Here is a summarized translation of
Shaikh Wasiyollah’s speech concerning Shaikh Rabe’a al Madkhalee
Translated By Mustafa George (hafidhahullaah)


Some brothers refuse to read any reading materials authored by Shaikh Rabe’a bin Haadee, and they claim that he has caused division in the Ummah. These brothers trust you (Shaikh Wasiyollah) and they love you and accept from you. Please advise us and them, may Allah grant you much good.


Imam Ahmad (bin Hanbal) said: If you find a piece of paper read it and you will find a benefit.

You (questioner) have mentioned that those individuals claim that he (Shaikh Rabe’a) has divided the Ummah. If clarification of the truth is division of the Ummah, then welcome to this! Those individuals should debate with Shaikh Rabe’a concerning the issues which they feel he has divided the Ummah with.

If mistakes are not clarified then how will the people know the mistakes?! Most individuals who dislike clarification of mistakes are the Ikhwan al Muslimeen. I have advised these individuals.I said to them:

Oh brothers! Now you are aware that there are consistent, major mistakes in the books of Sayyid (Qutub) may Allah forgive him and have mercy on him. The scholars that have refuted him it is befitting that you remove or cancel that information (that you have learned from his (Qutub’s books) which are not revealed from Allah. Or that you write the comments and refutations in the books (if they are in your possession).

When Shaykh Bin Baaz – may Allah have mercy on him – commented and made corrections on the first two volumes of Fathul Baree, he clarified issues that Ibnul Hajar made mistakes in. Why don’t these individuals have a problem with Shaykh Bin Baaz? Or Imam so and so?

Is Sayyid an Imam while he has been found to call to Wihdatul Wujood (Allah and His creation are one)? Or him being found of speaking ill of the Sahabah? Or him speaking ill of Prophet Musa (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him?

Shaikh Rabe’a, may Allah bless him with good, he has clarified issues, and he is not the only one to perform such an action. He was proceeded by Shaikh (Abdullah) al Dawaish (may Allah have mercy on him). He also clarified many mistakes (of Sayyid Qutub). These individuals (who clarify mistakes) only intend good…!!!

June 3, 2010

Second Question:


Does Shaikh Rabe’a bin Hadee al Mudkhalee force others to follow his views and if not, he labels whoever opposes him to be an innovator?

Answer: I would like (to know) the person who opposes and makes the claim that Shaikh Rabe’a forces others to take his views, and if not he labels them innovators! This is not true. He does not have a view, rather he transmits information supported with proofs and in the light of evidences he informs that certain statements are statements of innovation. He does not say (that everyone) is an innovator. It’s also possible that as long as the person has come (with a statement of innovation) and this has been clarified, and his methodology has been exposed, it’s possible that the person can be labeled an innovator. But this is only done based on proofs.

We say to our brothers: If you disagree with him, go and debate with him, speak to him and respond to him. May Allah be exalted!

The books (authored by Shaikh Rabe’a) were written a long time ago, but till date we have never found anyone who has refuted him with knowledge.

We have only found people to speak with disgusting, repulsive speech which is not liked by Allah nor His messenger (peace be upon him). Indeed we want the truth. If the door to evil is not closed, it would be widely opened and therefore it is befitting that whenever there is a mistake in the Ummah, it is corrected and refuted correctly.

May Allah make us from those who follow the truth and abandon our desires!

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